Katarina ‘Katie’ Guzman was born and raised in San Antonio, a South Texas native, she grew up surrounded by the unique and rich history, art, and writing present in her home city. Katarina has been constantly fascinated with history, both personal and social; especially its effect on relationships people have to culture, to a place, and to each other. A printmaker by trade, she often uses traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques in her work to explore the themes of personal and societal relationships to history, as well as examining the historical narrative itself. Katie graduated in 2019 from the University of St. Thomas in Houston where she received her B.A. in Studio Arts with a concentration in printmaking. Since graduating, Katie has been fortunate to work as an artist in residence with community based organizations such as Project Row Houses in Houston. Since the completion of her residency, she has moved back to her home city of San Antonio where she now lives and works.  With years of experience in photography and design, Katie is a versatile artist and designer with an eye for interesting stories.